History of the Cheeze Brothers

while the Cheeze boys pose for a "Cheeze Family Singers" group shot.
Circa 1905 - Old Country. Papa Cheeze and the girls make final preparations for the annual batch of the secret family recipe....
1908 - Papa declares, "I am a sick of this cheeza making crap. I go to America to make it big in music business." 1909 - the whole Cheeze Family arrives in America. 1910 - Papa begins intensive rehearsals for a cross country tour.
1912- "Oh, well," papa says, "Least we got somthin' to fall back on".
1911- Papa and the rest of the "Cheeze Family Singers" say "bye-bye and good riddance. We're on our way to fame and fortune! See you suckers!" 1911- Unfortunately, things don't go as well as they'd hoped. They cut expenses and continue to tour for another year before giving up.
1913-present- Things went well for the family for the next few years until the great cheese blight of 1923 wiped out the business. The stock market crash of 1929 didn't help either. Finally, out of desperation, the family decided the take the act back out on the road in 1933. Initially, audiences were skeptical. But, after years of dogged, determined work, the family finally managed to carve out a unique niche for themselves in American music history.